8 Best Cryptocurrency Brokers in 20228 Best Cryptocurrency Brokers in 2022

People have started viewing cryptocurrencies as the future and everyone now wants a share of the Bitcoin pie. But, to start trading cryptos, you need to find good cryptocurrency brokers. While there are many crypto brokerage platforms out there, not all have the same features and advantages. While some offer a wider selection of altcoins, others allow copy trading. You must choose a broker depending on your unique needs as a trader or investor.

  • EToro has been a revolutionary platform because it altered the ways people invested and traded cryptos. It encourages social trading where you can emulate the trades of successful traders. It offers OpenBook for this purpose and new clients can start off by copying trades. This easy-to-use platform is ideal for social traders and US-based crypto traders. Through this platform it is possible to buy stocks for free. Before you buy stocks 2022, through this online stockbroker, be sure to take the test and review the user experience reports to make a well-informed decision. You can access more than 25 cryptos and a large client base.
  • Interactive Brokers is one of those platforms which won’t charge a spread on buy or sell orders. It is most popular for its low trading fees. It is a comprehensive platform offering you access to a wide variety of securities for affordable rates. You can purchase your assets from anywhere in the world remotely. It provides futures, options, Forex, and fun trading. Its mobile app is user-friendly and you can choose from many account types and assets.
  • Coinbase has always been the most highly-recommended broker for newcomers. It is one of the biggest and oldest cryptoexchanges offering a wide range of coins. It caters to about 43 million clients across 100 nations. The interface is simple and intuitive for beginners who are not keen on social trading. It is also well-suited for crypto trader keen to trade major currency pairs.
  • Caleb & Brown is known for its customized solutions that make it one of the best crypto brokers in 2021. It seeks to introduce cryptos to people who do not know the market. You get access to liquidity worldwide which makes trading simpler and affordable. Caleb & Brown lets you trade from 1000 assets and security is top-notch. It is recommended for newcomers as clients can trade through a trusted entity.
  • ITrustCapital is best known for retirement accounts. It is a crypto broker which allows you to buy and hold gold in your IRA or individual retirement account. You are also free to trade Bitcoins, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin, etc. You can click this link to find the top bitcoin robots to trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies autonomously. You will be provided with a custom wallet by Curv to make crypto transactions. This platform is recommended for beginners and focuses on offering investors an easy-to-understand and straightforward system.
  • We Bull is popular for stocks and cryptocurrencies and supports big names like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and altcoins. So, you can have a diversified portfolio easily. It allows you to make instant trades in cryptos which are very important in a volatile environment like the crypto market. This mobile app-based brokerage was created in 2017 and features ETF and commission-free trading.
  • Voyager is popular because it connects many trusted and safe crypto platforms to give you access to the biggest crypto trading market. You can enjoy reliable and quick execution of trades; this is perfect for mobile traders. You get to access more than 50 coins/tokens and investors will find a great variety of projects to choose from.
  • Robinhood is ideal for newcomers who want an easy-to-use platform with an intuitive layout. This streamlined platform offers quick access to account statements and tax documents via its app. Users can create accounts and start funding these in less than 10 minutes.